Press release: Mike Peachey Appointed to WSF Board

The World Snooker Federation (WSF) is today delighted to announce the appointment of Mike Peachey to its board of directors as Treasurer.

Peachey has vast experience in the administration of cue sports with his previous roles having seen him serve on the board of the World Confederation of Billiard Sports (WCBS) from 2005-2010, during which he was appointed to the WCBS Organising Committee to the 2009 World Games in Chinese Taipei. Mike was also the official WCBS board member selected to represent Cue Sports during the Asian Games held in Vietnam, and has also previously served as President of both the Australian Billiards and Snooker Council and the Oceania Billiards and Snooker Federation.

With a long-standing interest in billiards sports spanning 40 years, Peachey has also acted as a tournament referee at international level and been involved with billiards sports media as both a correspondent and distributor.

Mike Peachey said: “I am honoured to be able to take up the position of Treasurer within the WSF. From day one I have been convinced that the WSF will take our sport forward and that the opportunity to be able to work closely with National and Regional Federations, World Billiards, World Ladies Billiards & Snooker and World Disability Billiards and Snooker, will ensure a major future for our sport.

“I will give my total commitment to the WSF and I am convinced that the team can make a positive difference for the future of both snooker and billiards.”

WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson said: “I am delighted to be able to welcome someone with the wealth of high-level administrative experience and commitment to billiards sports that Mike has demonstrated for so long. His understanding of International Olympic Committee structures and hard-earned reputation across the world for his work means that he will be a valuable addition to our team.

“It is crucial that the WSF is able to represent billiards sports at a global level and this appointment underlines our commitment to the Oceania region.”

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Trump retains European Masters title

Judd Trump beat Stuart Bingham 9-7 to win this year's European Masters crown and at the same time managed to defend his first ranking title.

It was the autumn of 2016 in Bucharest, Romania when Trump was beating Ronnie O'Sullivan in a cracking final that saw all its frames being played, in order to win the first edition of the European Masters.

A year later, the same Judd Trump almost ended on another decider, to retain his European Masters crown, this time by playing another world champion, Stuart Bingham, in the city of Lommel, Belgium.

The cues-battle was a pretty balanced one, as the lads started going hand-in-hand up until 2-2 when Bingham fired in breaks of 107 and 101 to go 4-2 ahead. Still, by the end of the first session, Trump was sure to level up against his partner-in-crime at four apiece.

The second session was opened with a tremendous 130 break, which bared Stu's signature, but Trump's breaks of 107 and 66 were taking the Bristolian at 7-5 up as the interval came knocking.

A few minutes later and after runs of 31, 38 and 78, the scoreline was once again a draw, as Bingham proved he's in his rights to win the title.

Still, Trump's breaks of 66 and 107 were too strong to see any reply from his opponent and so the match ended on 9-7.

Delighted over his win, Trump admitted that his victory means even more, since this is the first time that he manages to defend a title.

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Press release: EBSA Becomes First Regional Association Affiliated to the WSF

Following yesterday’s announcement regarding a new International Federation for snooker and billiards, we can confirm today that the European Billiards and Snooker Association (EBSA), confirmed their affiliation to the WSF. The EBSA has 44 National Federations as members.

The WSF is pleased to announce that EBSA Chairman Maxime Cassis has agreed to join the WSF Board and will take up the position of  WSF General Secretary. He will join fellow WSF board members Jason Ferguson of the WPBSA and Nigel Mawer QPM, the former Chief Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police, who will oversee WSF governance and integrity.

Three further board members will be appointed in time, with a minimum of one board member from Asia and two representing different regions of the world.

WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson said: “We are delighted that the interests of the EBSA, such as good governance and the removal of barriers in our sport are aligned with those of the WSF. We welcome every single one of their 44 National Federations to the WSF to be part of this new and exciting future.”

EBSA Chairman Maxime Cassis said: “I have been working in amateur snooker for the last 20 years as a volunteer and this is one of the most exciting developments I have seen during that time. I am delighted to be part of this project in its inception and I will serve the WSF on behalf of all amateur players to protect and support their interests. It is fantastic to see amateur and professional snooker working together in harmony and we look forward to a bright future together.”

Further news will follow regarding further appointments and other members who have committed to the membership of the WSF.

Press release: World Snooker Federation

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) is today pleased to announce its involvement in a new era of sports governance for snooker and billiards with the official launch of the World Snooker Federation (WSF).
The WSF brings together both amateur and professional snooker and will be a key organisation as snooker looks to take its place on the Olympic and Paralympic programme. The WSF has been formally established as a not for profit International Sports Federation (IF) in Switzerland. The WSF will be based in Lausanne, Switzerland, home to many influential international sports organisations, including the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
Regional & National Federations
The WSF is open to accepting membership from Regional Bodies and National Federations across the world that share its vision to grow the sport at all levels.
With the support of these Bodies and Federations the WSF will now form part of an international structure for snooker and billiards in which National Federations can develop new and exciting opportunities. For the past seven years the WPBSA and World Snooker have established many new events working in close co-operation with National Federations such as the Indian Open, Riga Open, Six Red World Championship in Thailand and various ranking events in China.
The growth of the sport through these relationships and the increased commercialisation of the tour through World Snooker has enabled the WPBSA to make significant investments in grassroots development projects. Projects such as World Disability Snooker, the World Women’s Snooker Tour, Cue Zone into Schools supported by accredited coaching programmes are all now gaining momentum. It is the WPBSA’s wish to work closely with many more National Federations around the world and this can now be achieved through the World Snooker Federation members.
The WSF will also provide vital playing opportunities through the staging of a unified WSF Amateur Championship. This new, mixed gender event will be open to the elite performing players of National Federations who are members of the WSF and provide an opportunity to qualify for a place on the World Snooker Tour. The first staging of this Championship will take place before the start of the next (2018/19) World Snooker Tour season.
The WPBSA has already announced that it will assist with the funding of a new Challenge Tour which will work alongside the World Snooker Tour to developing elite pathways for top amateurs and new emerging talent. National Federations who are WSF Members will have further opportunities to host some of these events.
The WSF will be run by a board of directors who will ensure that appropriate governance and accounting practices are in place. The board will be supported by a newly constituted Council comprising up to ten people from across the globe representing different regions and continents. The WSF is committed to bringing together a truly diverse and multinational team.
WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson said: “Following a restructure of the professional sport in 2010, the World Professional Snooker Tour has never been stronger. We have seen unprecedented growth and we are now a truly global sport. With this growth comes a responsibility for us to ensure sustainable career pathways for elite talent and playing opportunities for all at all levels. We must ensure there are no barriers in our sport, no matter of politics, race, gender or disability. Only when we achieve this, can we be considered to be a ‘true sport’. There are some incredible people around the world, company directors, players, officials and referees, many of whom serve our sport as volunteers. It is the vision of the WSF to engage with these individuals from within our sports international community.”
To serve the best interests of snooker and billiards and to achieve the aspirations to become an Olympic and Paralympic sport, it has been necessary to reconfigure the IF structure in billiard sports to ensure adherence to the highest standards of integrity, transparency and governance.